Forthcoming Issues

2019 Winter

Translingual Writing in French and Francophone Literature

Guest Editors, Natalie Edwards and Christopher Hogarth

This special issue will explore ‘translingual’ writing by French and Francophone authors. It will focus on literary texts that incorporate other languages besides French. The editors call for articles that examine texts that destabilize our understanding of French literary history. How do such texts complicate the perceived monolingualism of the French canon and invite a reassessment of relations between French and other languages in the Francosphere? How do they reflect histories of intercultural exchange, postcolonial relations, and contemporary culture? How can translingualism be employed as a critical tool to build upon, nuance, and reframe current work in French studies?

In press

2020 Spring

Writing/Creating in the Feminine in Early Modern France

Guest Editors, Colette Winn and Anne Larsen

For this special issue, submissions are invited that reflect current developments in the field of early modern women’s studies. Articles may consider or reflect new critical approaches in assessing the historicity, contexts, poetics, and crafting of these early cultural productions, or the recovery of early women’s texts and creations.

Proposals should be submitted to Colette Winn and Anne Larsen at by September 1, 2019.

2020 Summer

Imagining the Body

Guest Editors, Polly Galis, Maria Tomlinson, and Antonia Wimbush

This issue examines the body in French and Francophone cultures within and beyond the metropole, with a broad temporal, national, ethnic, racial, gendered, and generic scope. Articles explore how the body can be deployed to challenge normative spaces and/or gazes, including fixed notions of identity, as well as heteronormative and patriarchal structures of representation and power. Articles focus on how the body is understood and presented in the twentieth and twenty-first century across multiple medias. The issue offers a far-reaching conceptualization of the body, inclusive of the queer, racialized, transnational, migrant, exiled, and posthuman body.

Abstracts in English or French of no more than 250 words, along with a short biography, should be submitted to Antonia Wimbush, Maria Tomlinson, and Polly Galis at by January 15, 2019.